CSS Browser Hack, different browsers, different styles

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I am totally against any CSS hacks, but sometimes if you need quick result, and you need everything to work and look exactly the same in both Firefox and IE you just have to use them. Here is simple CSS hack that you can use to apply different styles depending on browser your visitor is using.

div.test {
	background:blue;	/* Firefox, Opera */
	#background:green;	/* IE7 */
	_background:red;	/* IE6 */

First background style is compatible with all browsers (and Firefox and Opera will use this one, and stop there)
Second one (#background) will be ignored by Firefox, and you will see it in IE7, but IE7 will ignore
Third one (_background) and you will see this one just in IE6…

See this demo:
What color is a background on your screen?


Can’t see FLV files or FLV files not working

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I just spent few hours trying to make Flash Player to stream FLV files (Flash videos). Everything worked on testing server but not on the other one. As you may guess, the other server was Microsoft IIS, and SWF files were playing ok, but not FLV. Problem is that Microsoft IIS 6.0 requires a MIME type to recognize that FLV files are streamed media. And all you have to do to fix that is to add new MIME Type:

Associated Extension: .FLV
MIME Type:flv-application/octet-stream

And that’s it. Everything is working now.