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Compare StuffCompare Stuff is a network of websites that are containing comparison charts for many web applications. I would like to recomend you this sites:

CMS MatrixCMS Matrix compares content management systems, blogs, and page publishing tools. Their database currently contains 815 CMS, from small to enterprise, and you can select up to 10 content management tools to compare at once. Here you can discuss, rate, and compare the various systems available on the market today.

Forum matrixForum Matrix compares available forum softwares (currently 41 of them). You can select forum softwares you would like to compare, click on compare button and you will see comparison chart. If you are not sure where to start you can visit Choice Wizard that can help you through the first steps of narrowing down the list of available Forums matching your special needs.

On Compare Stuff website you can also find links for:

Epayment Matrix – Compares epayment solutions (PayPal, Authorize.net and Google Checkout…)

Affliate Software Review – Compares affiliate tracking systems (Commission Junction, LeadHound…)

Compare IM – Compares instant messaging clients (AIM, Gaim, Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN Messenger…)

Messaging Matrix – Compares mail servers and mail service providers (Microsoft Exchange, CommuniGate Pro, GMail…)

BI Contrast – Compares Business Intelligence Software (Crystal Reports, ProClarity…)

Compare Hangouts – Compares social networks, dating sites, and other interpersonal communication web sites ( e|Harmony, Match.com, MySpace…)

Which Poker Sites – Compares online poker sites (Absolute Poker, Party Poker, Paradise Poker…)

MMO Matrix – Compares online games (Dark Age of Camelot, Dungeons and Dragons, Wolds of Warcraft…)

Compare Canines – Compare dogs 🙂 (Poodles, Terriers, Boxers, Hounds, Bulldogs…)


Find out what a site is built with

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Builtwith is great on line tool which can give you details about every single technology that powers some website. Just enter URL of any web site you want to check, press Lookup button and in few seconds you will have full report. Builtwith will return all the technologies it can find on the page.

BuiltWith technology tracking includes widgets (snap preview), analytics (Google, Nielsen), frameworks (.NET, Java), publishing (WordPress, Blogger), advertising (DoubleClick, AdSense), CDNs (Amazon S3, Limelight), standards (XHTML,RSS), hosting software (Apache, IIS, CentOS, Debian)…
Builtwith.com Web Page Technology Profiler


Website SEO Score Tool – websitegrader.com

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Website SEO Score Tool - websitegrader.com Website Grader is a great on line SEO tool which can give you “SEO score” for your website. You can enter your website, keyword phrases and competitors, and websitegrader will measure the effectiveness of your website, from a marketing perspective. You will see your grade which is calculated as a percentile score. For example if you get 50, that means that your “SEO score” is better than 60% of the other sites that have been graded.


Validate your pages with WDG HTML Validator

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WDG HTML Validator

WDG HTML Validator is great on line tool which you can use to validate your HTML pages. You can validate you HTML pages in several ways:

  • enter URL of your page (or your pages in batch mode)
  • upload page form your computer
  • copy&paste your code.

This Validator can even validate your whole web site (up to 100 pages) when you check Validate Entire Site.

If you have a lot of pages to fix, it’s faster to install this validator at your own site, since they are giving source code.


CSS Redundancy Checker

CSS Redundancy Checker is a great online tool which can help you to shrink size of your css stylesheet files by finding CSS selectors that aren’t used by any of your HTML files. All you have to do is:

step 1. enter your stylesheet URI

step 2. enter complete list of pages which are using that stylesheet

step 3. click on check button

CSS Redundancy Checker