Export MySQL To Excel better way

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I showed you how to export your MySQL tables to MS Excel file, but that wasn’t real excel files we were creating. Actually you were getting CSV and HTML files which excel can read. These were textual files, and now I am gonna show you how to create binary excel file: [SOURCE CODE]


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  • batty Said:

    WOW. That one’s pretty awesome!!

    I’ve seen quite a few online posts now that show how to dump mysql to excel using php and this one is extremely good! nice, light, and clean code.

    Thanks so much!!

  • jaz Said:

    So, for binary excel files, we can not set the colors, sizes for the excel columns?

  • ajith Said:

    i can create excel files successfully.But The excel files cant import directly to database.After opening the excel file and just save as to the same name it can import.I think some where a problem.I think may be in headers portion.Plz give me a solution.

  • partoo Said:

    Hi thanks alot for your usefull codes.

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