Multiple Instances of Portable Firefox

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In my everyday work I’m using Portable Firefox which I’m carrying around on my usb stick. Nice thing with Firefox is that it allows you to have multiple profiles. I have regular Firefox installed on my machine and I’m using it for regular browsing (so I don’t need web developing extensions). Problem was that I couldn’t run Firefox Portable and regular Firefox at the same time. But I found solution and here it is. All you have to do is:

  1. Find a file named FirefoxPortable.ini (located in FirefoxPortable\Other\Source)
  2. Copy that file to your FirefoxPortable folder (one that has FirefoxPortable.exe in it)
  3. Edit that FirefoxPortable.ini file, change AllowMultipleInstances to true

and that’s it. You can now run multiple instances of Firefox (either Portable or regular one)

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